“OK, let’s sit with this problem, together.”

“OK, let’s sit with this problem, together.”

How powerful is this statement?

It says

You’re not alone.
I’m here.
I’m listening.
Talk to me.
I won’t judge you.
I’ll sit with you while we figure this thing out.

I’m no anthropologist or sociologist.
Or a psychologist or anything like that.

But when I listen to our callers on my listening shifts with Samaritans, I know deep down, that we are social animals.

The thing that kills us inside, before our last breath or the last beat of our heart…
Is loneliness.

Loneliness kills.

To not feel connected
Or loved
Or wanted by someone else
Is suffering.

It doesn’t matter if
I’m rich
I’ve got yachts and helicopters
Or followers and subscribers
Or more money than a corrupt Malaysian politician.

Without people, without real human connections
I’d be dead inside.

Reach out.
Make those connections.
Or reconnect with old friends and family members.

I believe that the true meaning of life is to touch someone’s soul, and to be touched in return.

Let me sit with you, right now.
I’m here.