How do you talk to yourself?

How do you talk to yourself?
What kind of questions do you ask yourself?

Are you kind?
Are you brusque?
Are you inquisitive?
Are you judgemental?

If you were in a car accident, would your thoughts be the bystanders, filming it on the phone for posterity while muttering, “Serves her right. What a dumbass thing to do.”

Or would they rush over and show compassion and care?

Are you a failure?
Or are you just learning from mistakes so that you can grow?

Are you accepting of the status quo?
Or do you challenge it?

I think about thinking a lot.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love asking questions.

The wrong questions, while they do not exist in the material plane – have potential to be very lethal.

Almost anyone who have had suicidal feelings will have very dark thoughts.

“Why should I live another day when I am a failure?”
“Why should anyone love me when I’m so unworthy?”

The right questions can open up possibilities.

I’m not saying that you can change life circumstances just by changing the questions that you ask yourself.

I’m saying that the questions you ask yourself has the power to change your outlook, and could make you more resourceful.

That, alone, can change the outcome.

Now, if only that cute dude was actually any good at math 😆