Historians are really Big Picture people.nThey have such a …

Historians are really Big Picture people.
They have such a macro view of world events, and can see how things interconnect.

I used to listen to The Teaching Company series of lectures – learning about the rise and fall of the Roman Greko empire, from Yao to Mao, and various civilisations.

Empires come and go.
Emperors rise and fall.
Civilisations get wiped out by war, plague and disease.
Sometimes, you get some peace, punctuated by discord with neighbours.

The pandemic, and Brexit, while big, ugly and hairy – are some of the ‘natural’ course of events in the historical context of time.

If I focus on that – I might as well just exit the stage right now.

What I can do, is to focus on myself, and my relationships… zoom right down to what I can affect in my circle of influence.

That’s how I view life, and how I manage Projects.
Manage the things I have control over, but be aware of the things I cannot.
These are identified as ‘risks’, and I watch them closely.
I have plans for what to do if those risks turn from ‘what ifs’ into reality.

I don’t know what Brexit will bring, and how it might impact my project – but it’s there, on my Risk Register, with mitigation plan in place.

Small things like that makes me feel in control when things feel like they are going a bit crazy around me.

Mocha coffee does the same for me too. 🤗☕


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