“OMG – the culture was so toxic! So much empire building – a…

“OMG – the culture was so toxic! So much empire building – and it was next to impossible to get anything done!”

I believe that many internal projects from small scale initiatives to large transformation programmes can struggle to take off.

This is because most organisations are geared for excelleing at their core competency – creating amazing holiday experiences, producing safe fuel-efficient family cars, baking and distributing wonderful sausage roles. 😋

Most do not have mature project management capability, or strong visionary leadership that is necessary to push through and embed organisational change into its culture.

Working on an internal project can also become quite challenging, especially if the environment is highly political in nature.

From a Consulting point of view – we are fairly privileged because we are able to stay detached from the client’s internal situation.

We are engaged to go in and execute.

When our activities which are dependent on the client decision or action, are delayed, this gets translated into costs for the client.
This creates a lever for forward momentum, which is why I’ve found that Consulting led projects are more successful than internally led ones.

Internal projects can meander for many reasons – political will, internal friction and discord, interpersonal clashes etc.

There are many reasons why projects fail.

If you are the type who takes personal accountability seriously, this will help you to NOT feel like a failure.

Your circle of influence isn’t big enough to encompass organisational change.
The sooner you realise that, the better your peace of mind.



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