Hot potato. nnSome partners treat their clients like hot p…

Hot potato.

Some partners treat their clients like hot potato when the organisational culture doesn’t promote cohesive behaviour.

Sales will aim to quickly sign off the contract and lob it over to delivery.
Delivery will hastily implement project and then lob it over to Support…
… who are left with their proverbial bum hanging in the wind.

I see this happen so frequently.

For many companies, this culture evolved over time, with new hires bringing with them behaviours and mindset.

Departments exacerbate this by providing incentives that does not reward teamwork.

Sales bonus depends on number of closed won opportunities.
Delivery bonus depends on projects completed “on time and within budget” (I have so much to say about this phrase).
And Support… Get left with frustrated customers.

It takes leadership to recognise that this can easily happen, and does not mean you’re a bad person.

It just means that you’ve not kept your eye on the ball.

High functioning teams that work well together is a Competitive Advantage.
A Unique Selling Point.

Because the quality of the Salesforce project delivered really depends on how well everyone works together.

As always, my belief that a tray of Krispy Kreme can never go wrong.


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