How do you feel when you get a contract that seriously leans…

How do you feel when you get a contract that seriously leans AGAINST your favour?

I’ve seen contracts and agreements like this in such documents such as contractor, agency, tenancy, NDAs, employment and JV-type.

It feels wrong, and it feels like the other party want to squeeze as much out of you as they can ‘legally’ get away with.

While I guess there is nothing _legally_ wrong with this approach, it sets up the relationship on a bad footing.

Can you imagine a marriage contract that sounds like this:
You will earn all the money and pay the bills.
You will make sure that food is always in the fridge.
You will make sure we get 4 holidays a year, including at least one skiing holiday at a french Chalet.
You will make a generous household budget available to me so that I can create a lovely home.

I’d run a mile if I ever saw that.

But what if you needed that job, or that apartment?

People and organisations who create ‘legal agreements’ that corners the other party need to ask themselves why.
Why are they doing this?

To flex?
To ‘protect against being taken advantaged of’?

I had to sign a professional services agreement with a US client not so long ago, and the amount that was stacked against me was huge.
But I signed, because:
1. I trusted the UK director with whom I would be reporting to, and
2. I really wanted the contract.

I didn’t like it though, and I probably wouldn’t do it again.

Make sure you treat your partners right – in business life and personal life.

Because when you don’t, you just come out looking like a marmite flavoured ice cream.
Just.. yuck. 🤢🤮


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