I love games. In fact, I was once addicted to World of Warcr…

I love games. In fact, I was once addicted to World of Warcraft.

I can wax lyrical about how it honed my ability to put together teams for raids and mix and match individuals for optimum efficiency.

More simply though, I see it as a metaphor for how we can look at getting what we want in life.

We need to complete certain quests if we want to level up in a certain skill/activity.
Just go do it, no distractions and no meandering to look at what the other players have achieved.

However, sometimes we appear to sabotage ourselves.
That ‘get fit’ or ‘get better’ quests will come up against so many excuses.
– Don’t feel like it.
– Gym classes are rubbish.
– I haven’t got time – work is too busy.
– I’m too dumb.
etc etc etc.

I think that the key to life is to identify the accelerators, the things that power us up to achieve the quests quicker.
– Get fit with a friend.
– Take up ballroom dancing.
– Surround yourself with people who elevate you and pump you up.
– Get a mentor.
– Sign up for additional classes.

Identify the power pellets in life, and that can help make reaching those quests easier, and more fun.

Play games. The right sort. 😁


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