How do you know when you’ve completed a user story?

How do you know when you’ve completed a user story?
– functionality has been built in sandbox?
– test classes completed at 95%?
– functionality deployed to QA box for testing?
– QA has tested and signed off functionality?
– Show & Tell for functionality completed?
– Users have tested and approved?
– technical solution updated?
– wiki/user documentation updated?
– training video / walkthrough completed?

… or all of the above?

DoD (#DefinitionOfDone) needs to be defined and agreed up front, or you might get caught with your pants down later down the line! 😁

Or, if you’re running a hybrid methodology on a project, when is the system done, tested, and ready for handover to client?

Exit criteria in a Test Strategy/Approach document that is signed off by stakeholders.
What quality threshold is ‘acceptable’ to enter UAT (User Acceptance Testing) before Go-Live?

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