How long to make donuts with only your feet

How long will you take to learn how to make donuts with only your feet? 👣
Uhh … whut?

Estimating #Salesforce or other CRM projects can feel like that sometimes.

If you’re brand new to something, you won’t know how long it will take for you to do something until you’ve done it. Once. Twice. Many times.
The more you do it, the better you get at it.
The better you get at it, the more problems you can solve easily.

Throw complexity at it, and your estimation gets better, because you have a better feel for things, and how you might approach a tricky situation.

You develop tips and tricks for yourself; shortcuts and hacks on how to remember certain things.
You create library of code, and bookmark webpages that show you how things are done.
You read and research, and get better.

That’s why experienced people are so valuable.
They’ve seen things, and they will have come across similar problems before.
They’d know what to watch out for, what to test, how long to test, what scenarios might break the build.

When you put together your own team to implement Salesforce yourself, you don’t have a collective sense of knowledge and experience.
That might be ok if you intend to grow your team, and look at the learning experience as your own journey towards your goal.

But if you want to get a CRM in as efficiently as possible, so that you can truly focus on what you’re good at, consider engaging a Consulting Partner.

Although I don’t know how long it would take them to make donuts with their feet.
Not sure I really want to find out 😁
The 🍩 might taste good, but could be a bit smelly.


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