Nuance and context is everything

Nuance and context is so important.
Nowhere more so, than when having an intensively emotional conversation about life and death, as we do at #Samaritans.

I run our new volunteer training for Samaritans for my branch, and the last few trainings have been virtual, placing a particular challenge in:
– helping the group develop rapport with each other while we go through deep topics
– getting the ability to ‘read’ the room; how is everyone feeling about the topic of death and suicide

We have done the best that we were able to, given the circumstances, by
– changing the format of training (more bite-sized elearning modules on the topics we cover, which I believe is totally world class)
– spreading out the sessions over more days
– providing more in-depth role plays and skills practice

It is taking us more time, and a lot more effort – to get the same outcome: training a new volunteer to be able to listen to our callers, and provide a service that is so very important.

All while adhering to our core values and ethos around safeguarding in particular with vulnerable people, when providing a non-judgemental and safe listening space to our callers.

It is taking much much longer in the virtual environment, to mimic a face-to-face encounter, where nuance and context is so much easier to read when you’re in proximity with others.

That is why I believe that #Salesforce Consulting Partners will need to look at how they run Discoveries, especially around how to make sure they capture the “edges”.

There is so much richness in non-verbal communication, and there is an art to teasing them out in a virtual setting.

Pay attention to what’s not being said.
Or you may miss out something important.
Something that’s as crucial as life and death.


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