The #30daysofvideo challenge

I recorded my London’s Calling presentation last week, and I have to admit that it was not up to my own standards.

I had woken up really early in the mornings to do some practice before the kids got up, but it still wasn’t great.

Am annoyed. 😐
Peeved. 😑

As with many girls growing up, I’ve always been very self conscious and really disliked being on camera.
So here I am, publically issuing a challenge to myself to do a video post every day in order to:
– get better at being in front of the camera
– provide content in a different way for those who like video
… and really, to eat that frog.

Even though I was mildly disappointed at my session recording last week, I know that I can only get better from here.

In the future, my kids may laugh at my early videos, but hopefully at some point – I can be as cool and hip as their favourite YouTubers (but with more class). 😁

Would really love to know what you think – both good, and bad.


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