How many sandboxes will you need?

“So how many sandboxes will you have?

Whaaaaat? 😱
“Why do I need more than one?”

“If you want to replace Microsoft CE with #Salesforce, which is currently embedded into your organisational systems, you’re goingo to need at least one full copy sandbox, and a few partial copy sandboxes for QA, training, and pre-prod.”

That’s going to up the costs significantly!

It sure will.
Not only in terms of licenses that will be required, but to set up and manage the environments, but also when it comes to coordination and deployment.

Both during the project and on an ongoing basis.

It pays to think and plan things through properly.

If your system has multiple integration points, then it is worth looking at getting sandboxes for those systems as well – so that you can perform end-to-end testing in a robust manner.

Yes, this will add costs, but keep in mind that the cost of _not_ doing this may make this initial cost seem insignificant.

Project failure, such as the BA Terminal 5 opening debacle at Heathrow, was as costly in terms of PR fallout, as it was in financial terms.

A stitch in time blablabla.
You know the idiom.

No where is this more true than in IT projects.

Trust me.
Paul Coby, BA CIO would also violently agree. 🙂


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