Creating a Safe Space

It’s magical.

When you are able to create and hold a safe space for someone to talk to you, to just be who they are.

No pretense.
No lies.
No mask.

All around us, we have an identity – a leader, a follower, an employee, a parent, a child, a friend, an educator, a sibling.

We may have to wear a mask.
To be strong for others.
To be strong for ourself.
To hide our pain.
To hide our heart.
To protect our family.
To protect ourselves.

All of the above, and more – contribute to us not being able to be totally ourselves around those we know and love.

Our callers at Samaritans find that they can be themselves on the call, because it’s a safe place for them to share openly, how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

I take that lesson into how I treat my children, my friends, and into my work, where I am responsible for running a team who’s expected to perform at a very high level.

Nothing creates deep bond as much as trust and mutual respect, and this is borne out of an environment that is safe and secure.

I can see how this applies to parenthood as well.
Bringing up confident children depends on having a safe childhood, free of shame and judement.

I always begin from a safe place, with everyone I meet.

How are _you_ feeling today?


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