How much do you laugh?

How much do you laugh?

I think I laugh a lot.
Luckily I have a funny family.
My Husband is fun and playful.
And my ninjas who love trying out bad jokes and puns.

Right now, any joke or pun relating to bottoms or butt or farts or zombies and brains are fair game.

I love laughing and I find it the ultimate stress-buster.
In fact, sometimes a well timed joke or slightly (in)appropriate phrase can break the tension in a room.

I remember at a project kick off, I told a joke about a woman who would cut up a fish in a specific way because she learned it from her mum.

Her husband was curious and asked about it, so she queried her mum, who then said, “I only did it because I had a very weird shaped pan.”

Obviously I was trying to make a point that it’s not a good reason to do something just because it’s always been done that way and I was pretty chuffed that the joke went down well.

Laughter releases natural dopamine and I love it.

I will find a way to bring a smile or laughter, sometimes to my ninja’s embarrassment – as I do it in public. I’ll cheer on a random cyclist going uphill or crack a joke with the cashier.

Heaven knows, the world can always use more laughter, especially right now.

How much do you laugh?

Share your favourite joke below 👇


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