Product champions

Product champions – did they come first in a 3-legged product race?

Nope, they help an organisation leverage its business critical product in order to run its operations effectively.

It’s not like buying a pair of shoes. 👠

It’s sole function (hahaha – you can tell that my family have infected me with their punny jokes 🤭) is to protect your feet when you’re walking around.

Sometimes, they may make you look cooler, or ugglier, or set you apart from the ‘riff-raff’s.

Whatever it is, its function isn’t likely to change.

Not so, for a #Saas platform like #Salesforce, which has three releases a year with chockful of additional functionality and enhancements. Not having someone keep an eye on the ball means that you are losing out.

The product champion is one who’s excited about the product, and is always on the look out to find new ways to use it and deliver value.

If you believe that CRM is a business critical product (and it is!), do you have a product champion that helps make it successful for your business?

Hint: the right answer should start with a ‘Y’.


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