Husband tells me I’ve had a “fun-ectomy”. I take things too…

Husband tells me I’ve had a “fun-ectomy”. I take things too seriously.
Especially now, when life is ‘on-pause’.
Enjoy. Chill. Binge watch something.

I find it hard to break out of a lifetime of habit though.
I’ve stopped reading fiction, playing games, and truly enjoying music or a good boxset.
Because there’s TED Talks, podcasts, articles about everything from current affair, to self-development and economics, and history and philosophy.

My children are masters in enjoying the moment, finding beauty and joy in… A funny shaped vegetable, or using body parts to toot a silly tune.

We (or rather, I) have come from a place where the hard, logical, left-brained way of thinking and being has been the ‘default’ road of survival.

Want good grades? There’s a strategy for learning and retaining knowledge.
Want that job? There’s interview strategy, and how to manage your impression.
Flying a plane? There are very specific steps and procedures, along with backup plans for worst case scenarios.
Left brain wins.

Not now. It does not help us survive the current world.

What helps us right now, are those videos and memes of people sharing music, poetry, jokes, laughter, pranks, recipes, craft creations, art.
The silly.
The funny.
The weird.

Where once they were dismissed as useless, meaningless waste of time, they’re now used by all to cope and to survive.

Right now, we are seeing the value in the less serious right-brained activities and the beauty in the fun, the crazy, the magical nonsense.

Right now, we could all do with a smile, or laughter, or a moment of appreciation for beautiful impromptu music from a neighbour’s balcony.

I’m going to try harder to let my right brain take the lead, so leftie can take a back seat.

Life is too short to do it any other way.
I need to find my fun again.

Maybe I’ll venture into the world of TikTok and Unleash my Crazy! 🤪

Not sure if the world is ready for that level of Crazy!


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