I’ve observed that the most well run projects require people…

I’ve observed that the most well run projects require people with heavier leanings of ‘right-brain’ capabilities rather than the ‘left brain’.

That’s logical of course – you need to solve problems systematically, write modular programming components, work with structured data and ERDs, and all that.

The right brain is valuable when designing solutions, dealing with people and emotions, and solving the ‘softer’ problems that require creative solutions.

But yes – we need more lefties than righties here.

Zooming out on a macro level:
I’ve also observed that traditional conservative families also seem to value left-brained careers over right-brained ones.

STEM over Art.
Because you can be sure of getting paid for solving an engineering problem, but would someone pay for that interesting but mysterious scuptured blob?

Fiction over Non-Fiction.
Because reality beats fantasy.
You can’t make money from air.

Art, poetry, music, song, literature.
This does not pay bills.

But they lift your soul.
They inspire your spirit.
They enrich your being.

Right now, when an unseen enemy is battering our front line, indiscriminately taking those we love, many of us will ask questions like:

What’s the point of it all?
Why is this happening to us? To me?

I’ve asked :

What does this mean to me?

I think that we make our own meaning.

And right now, these “soft” things that bring music and magic and song brings a lot more meaning to life than excel spreadsheets and gantt charts.

Although I must say that a well planned gantt chart and resource budget profile does make my heart skip a beat.

I’m just weird like that. 😉


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