It is winter right now. nMetaphorically.nThe smug ants wh…

It is winter right now.
The smug ants who are riding it out in their cozy houses, with full fridges and larders are dismissing the starving grasshoppers freezing in the gutter.

“If you were more valuable to your company, you wouldn’t have been laid off.”
“If you were smarter, you’d have saved more.”
“If you were a better parent, your children would have put you in a better home.”
“If you were were more savvy, you’d have taken that job instead of travelling the world.”

My heart breaks when I hear such ugly things.

There are so many, so so many people who aren’t able to keep their heads above water.
Their level of anxiety, helplessness and desperation is through the roof at the moment.

The smug ants on their high horse, believe that they are ‘safe’ because they are special, more intelligent, or better, than those who are struggling.

People who have lived among smug ants, those with a ‘holier than thou’ complexion, tend to not ask for help.
Because frequently, ‘help’ comes attached with blame, shame, humiliation, and re-inforcement of worthlessness.

People also have pride, which doesn’t help because it can worsen their situation.

Now is not the time to admonish.
Now is not the time to blame.

Now, is the time to be kind.
With your deed, and your words.

Don’t be a smug 🐜.
Be a kind one.


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