Capacity. Bandwidth. Buffer.nHealthbar.nnI love games, an…

Capacity. Bandwidth. Buffer.

I love games, and I see the whole world as a Big Game.
Everything has a healthbar.


The ability to weather storms, deal with financial set backs, loss of a loved one, divorce, accident and trauma, and other unexpected situations.

The size of your healthbar depends on both nature and nurture.
What you were born with, the roll of the dice at the beginning of an RPG game, for example.
And when you acquire in the quests through life.

When the going is good, no one really knows about a person’s healthbar.

When the economy is good – people are buying cars, clothes, jewelleries, and spending money on holidays and experiences.

When things get rough… you start to see who had a rainy day fund, and who was living on the breadline.

There are many who were ‘just ok’ when things were good, but bad times can knock them right over, so badly, and so totally, that they can never get up again. Not even when things go back to being ‘ok’.

If you’re on your feet at this time, with food, with a roof over your head, with your health, then consider those who don’t.

Now you can see more clearly, who is truly suffering – be kind.

Overarching all else, is a healthbar that I map over Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The current pandemic has stripped of so much security net, and there are many whose bottom two rungs of the Hieararchy are not met:
1. Physiological needs =sleep, food, shelter.
2. Safety needs: personal security, employment, resources, health.

If you are in a good place with (1) and (2), look around and reach out to those who are struggling.

I tend to see the world with various health bars over people: with mental, physical, and emotional health being and gravitate to those who’s running on empty.

Everybody needs a helping hand now and then. Sometimes, it’s not obvious who’s drowning.

Look out for that virtual healthbar. It will give you a clue as to who needs you right now.


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