Sometimes cheapest isn’t the best.nnI’ve seen proposals fr…

Sometimes cheapest isn’t the best.

I’ve seen proposals from reputable consulting partners who I _know_ do outstanding work.

I _know_ the company and culture embodies the values of the leadership team, and that integrity is non-negotiable.
I _know_ they hire carefully, and attrition rate is low compared to industry standards.
I _know_ because people stay because they want to, and because they are valued.

But they didn’t get the job.

Instead, it went to the partner with the lowest bid.

The one who habitually wins a contract, and then abandons it towards the end because they lowballed the RFP, and scarpers after milking it as much as they can.
The one with the bad reputation within the CRM ecosystem, amongst permies and contractors, as one who is unethical, in every way.

But clients don’t know any better.
Their eyes travel to the page with the price tag, ignoring all the vague words and empty promises that come before it.

They don’t ask the piercing questions, maybe because they don’t know to ask it.
Or maybe they too, have their own agenda.
Who knows?

It’s called pulling a #switcheroo.
It’s disingenuous.

Its just plain scummy.
And it gives consulting partners a bad name.

Ask the questions.
Seek out past customers and get feedback, both good and bad.

When I hear of stories about these bad apples, it makes me want to yank my eyebrows out.

And I’m sure you don’t want to see that. 😁


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