I ❤ estimating Salesforce projects.

I ❤ estimating #Salesforce projects.
Perhaps it’s a nerdy thing, but I love the planning, and the thinking that goes behind this.

This is quite fun, especially with a great team who can accurately estimate functional and development work based on previous experience and past projects.

There are many things that affect the estimation but let’s look at timeline and the team composition.

Is it feasible to get all the build completed with enough testing and deployment time? (I could do so many posts on this topic alone)

What is the onshore:offshore ratio of team?
– do we need an offshore team lead to coordinate (e.g. large dev teams or QA resources)

Can we make do with a smaller team over a longer period of time, or do we need a larger team to get the work in bit quicker
– this is not always possible and larger team means more coordination and management overhead, so costs are likely to go up
– it also depends on critical path, and task dependence

I involve my team heavily in this process, and we work out what the optimal solution is, given the constraints of time, budget and resources that the client may have.

We want to be in a place where the plan of action and schedule works for the team. If there is a deadline pressure, then we need to make sure that risks are factored into this plan.

Unless you’ve done this before, Consulting Partners are better placed to provide better estimates.
Otherwise it’d be like trying to put make up on blindfolded.
Trust me. I wasn’t a pretty sight 🤡


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