When problem solving IS the problem.

When problem solving _IS_ a problem.

🤔 What? I hear you say.

Many of us are wired to be problem solvers.

That’s what we teach our kids.

We don’t know what the future of work is going to be.
Robot doctor?
Nano tech operator?

No, but we do know they’re going to have to solve Big Wicked Problems that the generation before them have created.

This is the right approach if the all the world’s problem is a fixable one; which begs to be fixed.
Many things that currently ails us, are not really fixable.

The state of the pandemic world where jobs, lives, security, and hope that have been lost.
Those who have lost, do not have problems that can be ‘fixed’.

Problem solvers find these people frustrating.
“Why don’t they just get over it and move on?”
“Those old people were almost dead anyway, covid just made it quicker – and freed up the beds and funds for other more important things.”

The problem solvers want to fix the problem, tick this box and move on to the next.

What we need right now is kindness.
And compassion.

And just #BeThere.
Listen to those who are suffering.
Don’t solve their problems.
Hold the space for them, and
Just. Listen.

That’s the most human thing you can do right now. 🌹


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