I am a great believer that all things are true. Within cont…

I am a great believer that all things are true. Within context.
Out of context – it can be total BS.

‘Follow your Passion’ advice is one such example.

People see that, and think – oh, things will be perfect if I do only things that make me come alive.
I love playing games, so maybe I can be a championship gamer and win lots of money.
Youtubers are so popular, maybe I can be one too – and be famous.
Tiktok-ing looks fun, I want to spend ALL my time doing that.

Pff. Music practice? Times tables? Writing essays? Reading?
All too hard, and too boring.

But life is full of things you have to do, even if you don’t like it.
We have exams to pass, deadlines to meet, bills to pay.
We want to be fitter, have better relationships, and be financially sound.
All these things take time, focus, hard work.
It’s not all fun and games.

If you want to achieve something of worthwhile, most of the time it takes hard work, blood, sweat and tears.
Sadly, there is no real shortcut to attain things of value.
If there was, I’d have lost these post-baby muffin rolls by now 😢


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