I run inductions for new hires for a Tier 1 Consulting Compa…

I run inductions for new hires for a Tier 1 Consulting Company, and was discussing with a Programme Director the other day about expectations, and qualities of a competent software consultant.

“Timeliness.” he says.

What? Surely that’s common sense?

Apparently not.

So I am requested to add this detail to the “Be Professional” slide.

Be professional.
You are an ambassador for your company, and you will need to show up.

– Be on time. For everything.
– Dress respectably.
– Be prepared for meetings, discussions and workshops.
– Always do what you say you are going to do. If you cannot, alert your project manager as soon as you can.
– Manage expectations of those who depend on you, and try not to bite off more than you can chew.
– Be calm and stay factual, in situations where the client might be emotional. (I know this can sometimes be quite hard).
– Be objective.
– Steer clear of politics, religion, monarchy, and sensitive topics.
– Defer to your Project Manager to handle things such as scope change or anything that might impact time, budget or quality.

Graduate programs in many consulting companies include basic client facing skills. However, the experienced hires, those skilled and certified in Salesforce who have come from an ‘end-user’ environment into a consulting one, might not have the benefit of such training.

So, the first rule of Consulting is:

Be Professional


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