I’ve been focussing on the importance of leadership qualitie…

I’ve been focussing on the importance of leadership qualities in a project manager to help ensure project success.

In fact, it is just as important for the team to be cohesive, high performing and kind – so that everyone can benefit from a strong support network when things get tough.

Great teams are said to be like ‘family’ outside the home.

Camaraderie, trust, respect, compassion.

When bad times befall you on a personal side of things:
– illness
– accident
– bereavement
– divorce
– family/relationship issues…

When you are unable to give your all to your work, because the things that matter to you at home are… not doing well…

When you feel like you’re running on empty because life’s been kicking you too hard for too long…

Nothing will gently support you when you fall, and help keep you up until you can find your own feet like the support of your family, friends and work colleagues.

In our world of software consultancy, which I liken to military operations at times; small teams assembled to achieve a very specific objective, your team is your family outside the home.

You will go through intensive experiences, which may be a roller coaster journey, and spend many hours and days working on gnarley problems and navigating the joys of software delivery.

Working with a team like this, a functional, high-performing, cohesive, kind team, is an amazing experience.

I’ve made friends for life, from previous companies, working with amazing teams.

And that, dear reader, is what I wish for you.
And for everyone as well.


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