“I woke up with an idea on how to solve the problem so have …

“I woke up with an idea on how to solve the problem so have been working since about 4am… and I forgot about our daily stand-up call… ” He looked sheepishly at the webcam as we chuckled at his ‘towel toga’ wrapped around his shoulders at 8am in the morning.

Luckily we didn’t have clients dialing into the call, or it would be even funnier. 🤭

So, dress codes. I am of the opinion that business casual will almost always work, unless the client-side meeting is in a rough and ready warehouse or you’re having workshop meetings with a manufacturing client.

Wearing a suit when all meeting participants are in coveralls or dusty work clothes makes it a little bit more difficult to build rapport. The opposite is also true – banks, accounting firms and other corporate environments demand certain dress code from us, otherwise it may be difficult to gain respect.

I knocked up a light-hearted infograph which looks at the topic of dress-code for consulting engagements.

So, have a quick look if you ever want to make sure you’re never caught ‘with your pants down’ (haha) on consulting engagements.


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