I believe that the job of a Project Manager is a lot more th…

I believe that the job of a Project Manager is a lot more than ‘Managing a Project to timescales and budget.’

It’s getting out of the way of the team so that they can do their jobs.
It’s inspiring them to be their best, always.
It’s creating a team that is so much more than the sum of its parts.
It’s instilling a belief in the power of excellence in everything.

In a consultancy:
It’s assembling a coalition or experts to go on an assignment, to complete the mission objective.

It’s our job as Project Managers to lead a team to successful project delivery.

Sometimes we have to lead a different team for different projects.
Different people, with varied abilities, capabilities, personalities, experiences, skills, background, culture, bias and so much more.

Dynamics are fluid, with the nuances of the presence (or absence) of a particular team member potentially impacting the quality of outcome in a significant manner.

Being a Project Manager in a Consultancy allows me to practice the Art of Leadership with a group of dynamic, diverse, amazing individuals to work with.

It allows me to have to constantly become a better, more effective version of myself.

And better is a place I try to get to.
Every day.


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