I was listening to John Travolta talk about Bean Exchange on…

I was listening to John Travolta talk about Bean Exchange on Tom Bilyeu’s podcast today. If you craft exquisite cups, you’ll get paid more beans for them than if you do a poor job.

Every role he has ever taken, he has put in his best effort, because it may be his last one. His movie selections have not all been hits, but he brings his best to all he does.

He chooses roles that he loves, and prizes the craft over the money.

I believe many truly successful people – who become rich financially but also in other parts of their lives, fall in love with the craft.

You can tell when someone is in it for the money or for the love of the craft.

There is nothing wrong with chasing money, as long as you are completely self aware about your own motivations.

“I want to become a cosmetic surgeon because I want to help people achieve the bodies they want.”


“I want to become a cosmetic surgeon because I grew up dirt poor, and I was spat on by rich kids. I want to be the one doing the spitting now, and doing this job is just a vehicle for me to show the world that I am good enough. And that I am worthy.”*

You can tell.

How do you find your thing? Your groove?

How do you find what kind of cup you are supposed to be crafting?

You do that by trying out new things. It doesn’t matter if you fail, if no one else is doing it, if your friends laugh at you, or if your parents scoff and judge.

Learn. Make mistakes. Learn from that. Rinse and repeat.

Keep on learning until you find out what makes your soul sing.

You won’t do it by watching endless Netflix and YouTube videos, or playing Fortnite and the latest Candy Crush, or frittering your time away scrolling through your favourite social media.

You do that by rolling up your sleeves, applying for and volunteering for anything and everything.

Create value in yourself, so that you can create value for others.

Find out what kind of cup you are meant to be crafting. It might be a piece of music, or a secret language with dogs.

Whatever it is, you will find it if you look for it.

Go look.


Find your cup.

So that you can get a better Bean Exchange Rate.

* also the basis for all the unoriginal revenge movie plots ever made.

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