I screwed up

“I screwed up.”
That was the very first thing she said to me.

Barely out of her teens, she was wracked with guilt and self loathing about what she’d done.

In her mind, the deed was so horrible and unthinkable that she felt that she had let her family down.

I believe there is no one source of truth.

There is just everyone’s perception of an event, and where it lies on the spectrum of morality or ethics depends on their personal moral compass and values.

In order to function in today’s society every shade of grey can be found in all manner of human conduct, I need to be aware that my way of perceiving things is just that – my point of view.

It helps to get my bearings, by checking in with people whose integrity I hold in the highest regards.

Am I right to feel this way?
Is my thinking flawed?
What foundations do I have for this belief?
Is my ego at play?

Only then, can I understand if I am “blowing things out of proportion”.

The young lady had come to me for some perspective, and I was glad to share my thoughts.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for someone in distress is to lend an ear.

And maybe, share a 🍩 or two.


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