Epitome of Motherhood

Today is an emotional day for many as it’s Mother’s day in America. There are many who have a complicated relationship with Motherhood.

It was years before we had our own, so we are familiar with the deep aching pain of wanting a soft little person to hold, to cherish, to love.

I wished my mum Happy Mother’s day today.
She gave me the gift of life and the two additional gifts that I am giving my children.

I drew this when I wanted to articulate my feelings about motherhood. I know how deeply fortunate we are to have our children, and I never take it for granted.

This is a message for the women who protect and care for us.
The teachers, nurses, doctors, healthcare workers.
The dinner ladies, the lollipop ladies, the nursery teachers and child minders.

It’s also for those who forge the path so that we may have an easier journey in non-traditional female careers.

For those who keep on pushing the glass ceiling upwards, to carry on flourishing and thriving in male dominated fields.
The women in tech, in politics and in the corporate world who serve as mentors to others.

To all the women out there, whose heart bursts with love, who give up so much of themselves for others – I salute you.

You’re the epitome of #Motherhood.


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