Punch in the nose or a kick in the nuts

Punch in the nose or a kick in the nuts?
Discipline or Donuts?
Money or Integrity?

Would you leave your work, family, and comfortable life to ‘Find Yourself’ and answers from a Yogi on top of a mountain?

Decision making is such a fascinating science to me.

As a Project Manager, I make decisions all the time.
It comes naturally to me.

I look at options – my team helps me with this
I weigh each option – my team provides context and recommendation
I decide – and I am now accountable for the success or failure of this decision.

If it’s the right decision – yesss! 💃🏻
If not – then dissect and learn for the next time.

The topic for my newsletter this week is around Decision making.
Link in the details if you want to read me.

In the meantime – I still struggle with ‘Discipline or Donuts’ decision. To make it easy – I don’t buy any donuts at all, so the temptation is removed!
Thats my strategy for this particular dilemma 😁

What types of decisions do you struggle with?


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