Would you name your baby DaBomb?

Would you name your baby DaBomb?
Or BooYah?
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

When you get naming conventions wrong, you can get into all sorts of trouble.

At best – it is annoying, and makes your org look messy (especially if you’re a perfectionist who’s nit-picky).

At worst – it may create a huge integration issue, which I know happened on this one project, and the oversight was very very costly to fix.

All consulting partners need to have solid ‘Ways of Working’ to ensure technical and delivery governance, the basic of which is #NamingConvention.

New hires, especially contractors, should go through induction just like graduates and other newbies so that they can incorporate best practice of project delivery.

Quality of Delivery needs to be consistent across all project teams.

And while I can revel in nerdness just as much as the next nerd, I am just not a fan of making work more difficult than it needs to be! 😑


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