I was asked to stand down, while the stakeholders had a ‘spi…

I was asked to stand down, while the stakeholders had a ‘spirited internal debate’ which ended up with the Team Leader rushing out of the room in tears.

The Ops Director shrugged helplessly at me.

A lot of failed CRM implementation is due to lack of organisational readiness.

A failure to review and make an honest assessment about organisational readiness and capabilities is a surefire way to fail.

Some organisations will have many users who are familiar with CRM, having used applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CE, Hubspot or SugarCRM, and will come with certain expectations.

Some may have even gone through the implementation phase in previous roles and will be a great resource for rolling out CRM project in their present company.

On the other extreme, there are some organisations with limited CRM experience and will need a much more gradual rollout of the system so that users can take time to be familiar with new concepts and ideas that will require new thinking and new way of working.

These organisations will be more resistant to the new system and will require a more careful change management programme in order to ensure success.

So before your organisation embarks on a change programme, take a good hard look inwards and get ready to ask some tough questions.

…especially the first one: “Are we ready for this?”


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