It gives me goosebumps and shivers down my spine!nNo, it’s …

It gives me goosebumps and shivers down my spine!
No, it’s not my lovely Husband attempting to woo me with a new kettle. 🙄

It’s Data! 🥰
Especially when I write the right SQL that extracts exactly what I am looking for, or when I am able to ferret out issues that were caused by bad/wrong data and not code (which means fixing these issues is a breeeeeeze).

Good data is important because it
1. Maps your company’s performance
2. Improves your brand’s customer experience
3. Allows you to make better decisions, faster
4. Measures success of your employees
5. Increases understanding of your users, your market and yoru competition

So why does everyone underestimate its importance?

A key exercise when doing #digitaltransformation, especially with CRM such as Salesforce, is to make sure that business has a strong understanding of the meaning and behaviour of business data.

This includes knowledge about data models, semantics, interactions and integration among system.

This understanding will provide a strong foundation from which a solid CRM can be built on, which will very quickly provide valuable business insight.

I hate to say it but… good data is more awesome than donuts! 🍩
And I flipping love those holy moly crack-a-doughy!*

*ok that was just really really bad. 😫


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