“Yes – you can name your variable ‘bob’ if you want to, but …

“Yes – you can name your variable ‘bob’ if you want to, but no – you shouldn’t.”

Ninja #2 is doing Yr 7 coding class and was writing code to demonstrate the if-then-else scenarios.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I had this one client who was a Star Wars fanatic, and named every single server in his nerd kingdom with character names. The problem is that there was no real rhyme or reason to anyone unfamiliar with the sci fi universe and it caused so many problems.

I’ve seen so many examples, where contractors and junior developers would use naming conventions that doesn’t make sense to anyone else, and can potentially cause issues moving forward.

Another example of good practice is to differentiate field names between standard vs custom.

#Salesforce is incredibly flexible, as are many #CRM systems out there. There are more than one way to do things within the system.

The question is: Should you?

You can create any fields, any time, and put them on any object or form.
But should you?

Ninja #2: Mum – do you think I can stuff 15 carrot bits in my mouth?
Me: Ummm possibly. But should you?

Suffice to say that sensible questions like these don’t work very well on pre-teens and we had an orange shower when his brother made him snort the masticated root vegetable all over the dinner table. 🙄


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