I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ interview with Elizabeth Gil…

I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ interview with Elizabeth Gilbert (who wrote Eat, Pray, Love), who both spoke about a range of topics.

In particular, I loved the conversation about dealing with anxiety and fear, which is so much more prevalent in the current setting where we are in lockdown, fearful of an invisible enemy who maims and kills indiscriminately.

Elizabeth spoke about journaling, and giving Fear the opportunity to speak, and then allowing Wisdom to come forth and address the concerns.

I think this also involves being kind to yourself.
Don’t berate yourself for being afraid – it’s Nature’s way of keeping you alive.
The picture of fear has changed from a sabre toothed tiger to the threat of losing your livelihood, losing a loved one, and losing your life – amongst others.

We just have to learn to not let that fear paralyse us.

Tim Ferriss’ has a TED talk on his 3-page ‘Fear Setting’ method:
Page 1: Write down your ‘What If’ fears.
Define: List down all the things that can happen if the ‘What If’ happens.
Prevent: What can you do to prevent said item from happening
Repair: What to do if the worst case occurs
Page 2: Benefits of attempt or partial success
Page 3: Cost of Inaction

A very comprehensive personal Risk Assessment exercise for the soul.

Indeed, there are many things out of our control.

For those of us who do not believe in praying to a Deity for our salvation, we need practical steps to help us get a sense of where our Circle of Influence reside.

It might be a lot bigger than we think.


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