You can’t plan life like you can plan a project.nnSoftware…

You can’t plan life like you can plan a project.

Software development projects like Microsoft CE or Salesforce or SAP… they have clear pre-defined boundaries of a start and an end point, both in time and in perceived finish line (“How do we know when we’re successful?”)

So when it all goes pear shaped – the worst thing that can happen is that a lot of money was spent, and maybe a few jobs had to go.

You can try to manage your risks and plan:
– like work and save as much as you can because you have an illness that will get progressively worse, and you need funds to guarantee a quality of life.
– like study hard at school and ace all those exams so that you are able to be competitive in the workplace.

As we muddle through life, we find it difficult to imagine worst case scenarios. That we might:
– lose our parents
– marry someone who cheats/abuses us
– have unplanned pregnancy
– not be able to have the long-for child
– have an incurable illness
– lose people we love
– have to survive a global pandemic
…. and on and on

For someone like me, whose job is to focus very firmly on my circle of influence, and to keep reminding client of the Iron Triangle:
If you add more scope, it will cost more and take longer.

The decision is simple: to de-scope, or to pay up.

Life isn’t like that.
Sometimes you have to work 2 jobs, even when your’e unless so that you can pay the bills.
Sometimes you still have to care for your vulnerable parent, even though you might be going through a divorce.

There is no real-life option to ‘de-scope’ so that you can manage within your resources and capacity.

That’s life.
Those who are resilient, will push through and get to the other side.
Those who struggle to cope… need to reach out for help before they break.
Look out for those who aren’t coping.


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