I was talking to a senior architect who was incredibly frust…

I was talking to a senior architect who was incredibly frustrated.

Due to cost cutting, the main project manager was let go, with a general assumption that the competent teams would be able to ‘muddle through’ and get things done… on this multi million pound project.

How very wrong they were.

It’s a large global bank on a highly complex migration project with complicated infrastructure and multiple environments of different configurations and set-ups looked after by various departments and teams.

With him gone, no one seemed to know what was happening, and people were having multiple threads of similar conversations, not including the right people, not getting things done – and more crucially, getting the _wrong_ things done.

It’s a horrendous mess, and I am not confident of a structured clear outcome.

I used to be a systems administrator.
No one in the company knew who I was, because I kept the systems running well.
Error logs checked and fixed before they became issues.
Databases backed up and tapes rotated frequently.

Nothing broke. 😎

The most drama I had was tracking down corporate spy, but that’s a story for another day.

A good Project Manager is like a good Systems Administrator.

We just get things done, quietly.
Please don’t get rid of us because you don’t hear much noise from our projects.
Some of us haven’t got an ego big enough to blow our own horn, and we prefer to let the quality of our work speak for itself. 🦸‍♀️📣


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