Many people don’t understand that signed off requirements in…

Many people don’t understand that signed off requirements in a software delivery constitute a contractual agreement.

It’s what you say you are going to do in exchange for payment.

As such, it still surprises me to see a fixed price contract with requirements that has limited detail.

Regardless of how ‘nice’ the client might be, I can foresee issues down the road when the project trundles over towards UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and go-live.

Expectations have not been articulated, and there will be many heated discussions about scope and what should be delivered.

Clarity is power.
Prevention is better than cure. 🤕

Artfully elicited requirements, clearly documented and communicated with the client, gaining buy-in and sign-off, is the best way to get started on this relationship.

Just like romance that is based on mutual respect, trust and partnership is unlikely to end in an acrimonious split.

Start right, and the journey will be a lot more fun than if you don’t.

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