I’ve been accused of being a nitpicky Project Manager.nnA …

I’ve been accused of being a nitpicky Project Manager.

A fussy, bossy, demanding Project Manager.

All this in front of me.
And generally, with a touch of humour. πŸ˜„

I’m glad. It’s better to be told this in my face than behind my back, I say.

However, I won’t apologise.
Our clients pay a lot for us to deliver quality projects, and so – I expect a lot from my project team.

Consultants need to run workshops well, and manage stakeholders in a calm manner – in order to elicit requirements.
Documentation need to be tight, accurate, and well written.
Language, syntax, illustrations, diagrams and examples has to be crafted to depict the final product so that a client can visualise it accurately.
The proposed solution needs to be well thought through, and solves the business problem at hand.
I also care about the presentation, asthetics and style of the documentation.

Our conduct with the client – both on a personal and professional level, must be impeccable.

More than that, we should have our high personal standards to uphold.

Better to be a nitpicky PM who over-delivers than a sub-par one that under-delivers.

I can live with that 😁

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