No catch.nI’m offering 3 weeks worth of absolutely FREE Con…

No catch.
I’m offering 3 weeks worth of absolutely FREE Consulting Masterclass training, covering:
– Consulting Engagement & Delivery
– Running & Facilitating Effective Workshops
– Requirements Gathering – Process Mapping & Design
– Critical Thinking & The Art of Insightful Questioning
– Documenting Strong Requirements
– Delivering Powerful Presentations

To any #laidoff or #openforwork #salesforceadmins #awesomeadmins based in the UK with at least 2 Salesforce certification who want to break into the Salesforce Consulting market.

I am willing to invest my time and energy because
– there are too many product-savvy Salesforce people out there who haven’t got a clue on how to deliver projects
– those who do know how to do it properly, end up cleaning up other people’s messes
– the quality of the current talent pool needs boosting, given Salesforce’s huge investment in job creation

At the end of the 3 week training, you can walk away with consulting skills and knowledge to your next role at a Salesforce consulting partner.

I will not be asking you for money, or to sign up to any bond/agreement.
As I said – no catch.

If I am as good as I think I am, in moulding, training, and coaching high quality Salesforce consultants, then my investment will pay off.

My focus is in creating deep relationships, with the talent who will be looking for interesting, challenging roles and companies to work for, and with those consulting partners who want to grow their team with high performing individuals.

DM me.


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