I’ve got such an awful Project Manager!

“I’ve got such an awful Project Manager! She’s always asking me to do the impossible! Build that functionality in two days when it takes 8! Letting the client change the requirements!! AND SOMEHOW ITS ALL MY FAULT WHEN I CAN’T GET IT DONE?!”

As a Project Manager, I am very conscious that I have direct impact on the success or failure of the project, as well as the quality of life of my team.

There are many in the industry who think that a PM’s job is easy – much like a master of slaves during the ancient Egyptian time.

You’re not the one doing the heavy lifting; you just need to crack the whip and behead anyone who isn’t performing.

Success is yours, and yours alone.

Failure is always someone else’s fault.

No, in fact – it is the complete opposite.

The Failure of the project is mine.
I should have anticipated the risks and have actions to mitigate.
I should have provided crystal clear communication and set expectations properly.
I should have managed the project, the client, the contract, and my team properly.
I should have understood the nuances of how the project is progressing, and adjusted the course accordingly.

That’s the the job of a Project Manager.

The success of the project is down to my Team.
There is really no way a project can be successful without the ‘Us’.

If you don’t agree, then I think you might want to consider another career which is more of a solo sport. 🏌🏻‍♂️


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