Janice is a Practice Director

Janice is a Practice Director of a rapidly growing Salesforce Platinum partner.
She believes that the best way to grow is to hire experienced consultants, even though that will be expensive.
Janice does not believe in hiring graduates or anyone inexperienced because it will cost too much and take far too long to train them and get them up to par.
In a world where billable hours is the widget that powers the business – training, mentoring, nurturing are non billable activities that Janice believes isn’t worth the investment.
She cares deeply about the quality of delivery, straight off the bat. She wants consultants who can be dropped in the deep end and power stroke to shore.
Janice is someone who have very valid beliefs about how to run a Consulting Partner, and will create a culture that celebrates this.
I seek to change Janice’s point of view, to show her how recruiting, growing and developing young talent is the surest way of creating a strong team who can deliver results, and will stay for the long haul.
Lesson 5 of The Marketing Seminar – Identify a specific customer that you seek to change, who doesn’t believe, see, want or care about the same things that you do.
This is my learning journey, and I am accountable for the results.