Learning to doodle

I’ve always been envious of those who could draw and doodle and sketch.

Growing up, I always thought my art was rubbish.
I was the nerdy math girl, not the arty one.
(Luckily Ninja 3 is quite arty – she’s definitely not got it from me!).

James Allen‘s nightly Dilbert and thoughtful posts have inspired me to see if I can marry a blend of the amateur doodler in me with the normal Salesforce PM person to produce something different and interesting from my normal text and video posts.

Laura Frederick‘s fantastic green illustrations with stick people is also another example of how great diagrams are better than a thousand words.

And so, I’ve bought some books from Dan Roam, having followed his work via Dushka Zapata, and I’ve taken the plunge into the world of drawing so that I can find a way to explain some of my thoughts or ideas in a better way.

I’ve also roped in my ninjas to help, so you may see their artwork here too.

Just like my #30daysofvideos I’m committing to illustrating more content in visual form, if only to get better at drawing.

Say hello to my self portrait, drawn using my Samsung S pen. (Somehow she rocks that crazy hair better than I do!)


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