London’s Calling 2021

The speaker schedule is out WOOOOOT!

Join my session at London’s Calling Ltd on 19th March 2021.

You’ll hear how mastering Active Listening through my volunteering as Samaritans has helped me learn how to create deep relationships with people.

I believe that relationships based on trust is the foundation of all high performing teams.

As such, I would credit it to be the number 1 factor on how I have been able to stay in the consulting industry for so long without losing my marbles (well maybe a couple!) 🤭

It has also helped me create rapport with my customers, leading to delivering projects that has been fun, and adventurous – though sometimes character-building too!

Purchase your ticket now at (It’s virtual, and the tickets are at an incredible price of £5+VAT).

For that, you’ll get a day’s worth of amazing, informative content from global Salesforce influencers including the likes of Amanda Beard-NeilsonLouise LockieRichard ClarkTokeer Ahmed and many more…


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