I don’t like the User Interface.

The new IT Director showed me his CBAR-Cost Benefit Analysis Report.
My right eyebrow went so far back it joined my hairline. 🤨

According to his calculations, hiring his own Salesforce team to implement Service Cloud would cost so much less the ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude – or a rough costing) provided by the Consulting Partner.

Why should he engage a Consulting Partner?

Well, let me start with the first question.

Why does he think they need a new system?
The current system (Microsoft CE) is an OK CRM tool but he wants to champion Salesforce within the business and make his mark (he had just joined recently).

Other than his CBAR, that looks at the costs of the two options – build own Salesforce team or engage a Partner, did he have a more robust business case for getting a new CRM system?

“I don’t like the user interface.”
He added that Salesforce had a lot of apps in the marketplace that Microsoft didn’t.

When you put together a cost benefit analysis of different options, you need to also have the ‘Do Nothing’ option to compare. I couldn’t find this sesion on his CBAR – had he considered it?

Nope. He decided that they needed to replace Microsoft with Salesforce, and the only question on the table was how.

I hadn’t even scratched the surface and alarm bells had already gone off in my head.


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