My 9yo ninja is learning about critical thinking during her …

My 9yo ninja is learning about critical thinking during her lesson.
She has to understand and determine the difference between fact and opinion.

I’m so glad that this is being taught at school, as so much of what drives the media spreading untruths and opinions disguised as ‘facts’.

When running a project, we often get into a position where some lively internal debates will be the order of the day. Sometimes, someone may put forth an opinion disguised as fact, in which case, I will gently call them out on that.

If it was done unintentionally, then it’s a learning point for the person making the argument.
If it was done disingenuously, then I may have to be a little more firm.

As a Project Manager, one of my job is to make priority calls, based on information and guidance from team members (especially if the topic is a technical one).

Given that I have to defend the decision, and take the hit if it’s the wrong call – I want to make sure that any discussions that I have within the team is based on critical thinking and balanced judgement.

Here’s my preferred format for internal discussions. Take turns:
1. Present FACT
2. Present OPINION

And then let’s have a lively respectful discussion.

I’ve had team members who have presented their OPINION as irrefutable FACT, and most of the time they hold senior roles.

There is an assumption that seniority imbues one with All-Knowing-Knowledge and Divine-Total-Righteousness 🙄

Don’t be That Buttmunch.

I think little ninja is on the right track.

She knows that Donuts beat Ice Cream in the Most Sinful Delectible Treat In The World, and that’s a fact! 😁