How do I fit all of my awesomeness, my amazingly sparkly dis…

How do I fit all of my awesomeness, my amazingly sparkly disposition and outstandingly outstandingness into a 500 character biography?
With a ruthless scalpel, that’s how. 🔪

So my submission “How being a Samaritan’s Volunteer help me be a better Project Manager.” was chosen for London’s Calling (the premier #Salesforce event of the year for #awesomeadmins and partner community in the UK.

Am suuuper pleased about that 💃🏻, so have been spending some time drafting and storyboarding the session.

However, the biggest challenge I had was writing up a 500 character bio. 🙄Big thank you to Amanda for unblocking me so I’ve finally done it! 🥰

Anyone attending the event, make sure you carve out 25 min to check out my session. I’ll be sharing some lessons I’ve learned about happiness, and creating deep connections with people.

The lessons apply to making me a better Project Manager, and also a better human being.

I’ll look for other opportunities to share some talks on Power & Politics, and of course – my passion-from-a-previous-life: World of Warcraft. 🧙🏻‍♂️ (yes – I had a wee mage character).

I am excited woooop!
Donuts to celebrate! 🍩

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