My Positioning

My Positioning – Lesson 9 on The Marketing Seminar.
This exercise wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I picked two axes to position myself and looked at how I compared to others – specificity to Salesforce and the Immersion factor.

(1) Trailhead is amazing! Nowhere can you learn about a product for free, in such a fun and engaging manner. It’s online and asynchronous.

(2) Salesforce focused Udemy course. Really good as well but it can be quite passive.

(3) Generic SCRUM or BA instructor led course. Can be useful but isn’t as focused within the SF sector.

(4) Zenhao (me). I designed the Delivery Masterclass for #Salesforce Partners to change how young talent in the ecosystem is nurtured and coached into an exciting and dynamic career.

I love consulting.
I am passionate about delivering high quality projects without killing myself and my team.
I want to help others get a bit of this action.

Nowhere can you meet new people, new problems to solve, new technology, new team members.
It’s like a new exciting job every single time.

That’s my WHY.

Took me awhile to learn how to articulate this.
Still a WIP – Work In Progress.

What are you working on today?