What to say

Here’s a tip if you’re worried about what to say when talking to someone who is struggling.

It doesn’t matter what you say…
As long as there are no judgemental elements in it.

“I’m sorry your dad got mad when you came out. It wasn’t the right thing to do, was it?”

“You’ve been a bit quiet lately. You’re not depressed are you?”

“Your gran died 3 months ago, how come you’re still crying?”

Yep. All bad examples about how *not* to talk to someone.

The rules for active listening are simple.

Don’t judge.
Don’t problem solve.
Don’t anticipate what’s coming next.
Don’t formulate your next statement.
Don’t interrupt.
Don’t assume.

Just listen.

Use the Samaritan’s listening wheel prompts:
– Reacting
– Reflecting
– Open questions
– Clarifying
– Short encouraging words
– Summarising
– Silence

Looks complicated but it’s not.
With practice, it will come much easier.

Please take the time to learn, practice and master. The #ActiveListening skill is something that is so incredibly needed in today’s chaotic world.

Do it now.
It’s the best gift you can give someone.